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Lavender hearts

Monday, 11 July 2011

Library Thrifty Finds

Hello there! Happy Monday to everyone. Whilst out and about recently with my two children, we popped into our local library to pick a few books and have a quick play. To my delight I noticed that they were selling some older books to the public displayed on a table as you walk in. Never one to let a bargain go, I sent the Kiddywinks in and spend a few luxurious minutes browsing the table. I picked these 4 books, as each one had something that I knew I would enjoy reading at some point. They were 50p a book.

I have always wanted a Miller's Price Guide' although once I looked it in, I was slightly dishearted as so far nothing I own is Collectable.... (there is still time)
I choose the Mitch Albom book as he writes really thought provoking novels, his novel 'The five people you meet in Heaven' is a great read about a old man who dies and meets 5 people from his past who he had meet during his life.
'Love in the present tense' is a Richard and Judy Book Club shortlist book, I remember one year I read all of their Summer top reads and found some great authors.
'Mr Golightly's Holiday' by Salley Vickers, caught my eye as its about a gentleman author who is struggling with modern day life until he finds himself living a quiant village life in Rural Dartmoor.

I am hoping to take these on Holiday, as at the moment it tends to be the only time I am reading at the moment!

With our new addition to the Hazel and Blue family we went to the car booty last week and saw these kitten toys, when I explained the lady we had a new kitten, she said we could have them all for £1.00.

Poppy loves them and she is just adorable, she follows me around at night time when the children are asleep and will sleep and purr on my chest, nestled right by my neck, its a bit claustrophobic mind, but I don't mind:)

We also went to our local town fair last weekend, and amongst the food and charity stalls the local cat charity stall were selling these handmade granny woollen blankets for £1.50. We choose this pink one for Poppy  (or was it for me?!) You can never have enough granny blankets.

Lastly: I am thinking of having a giveaway soon, so keep your eyes peeled for my next post.

For this weeks thrifty finds I am linking in here at Liz's Magpie Monday and here at Sophie's Flea Market Finds.

Happy Thrifting!


  1. Lovely post and then that giveaway teaser at the end. I loved that 5 people you meet in heaven book so will try and find this other one by same author. Made a bit of sense in the immediate aftermath of losing my Mum.
    The kitten toys are fab and I am really envious as we have 2 kittens in the house at the moment who are so very playful and cute.

  2. Aw Poppy will look so sweet curled up on that, she's a real cutie.

    I'm sure you have something collectable - I have a more modern version of Millers and it includes all sorts, like Pez holders and toys.

  3. What a gorgeous kitty!

    I love buying ex-library books. Great way of re-using and I always wonder who has borrowed the before me!


  4. oh Lucky Poppy, a kitten is never too young to start Thrifting and Car Booting!♥

  5. Hear hear about never having enough granny blankies and yay to ex library books - they are alaways so reasonably priced.

  6. I like to have a browse through our library's sale stand too, although they never have anything of interest for me for buy! I must agree, you can never have too many granny blankets though!

    P.S. cute kitten - my daughter would love her!

  7. How adorable is Poppy?!?! She's just beautiful and those treats for £1 will keep her entertained! Envious of your library bargains - all things I'd have snapped up myself :-)

    Jem xXx

  8. I LOVE library sales too, some good reads there x

  9. I recently scored Amelia Bedila at my local library sale ::))

  10. hey cheers for stopping, becky.
    our library sale's coming up for september... hooray to that!

  11. Love that granny blanket, a bargain at £1.50!!!!


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