Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Peg bag - a birthday present for my Sister

My lovely sister (I have two lovely sisters, this is the elder) has asked for a peg bag for her birthday next week. My sister and her wonderful family live on the other side of the world and we do not see each other very often. So when I told her about my new found love of sewing and all things handmade she requested the above, and I was more than delighted to make one for her.
As previously mentioned in my earlier blog I used my new sewing book 'Sewing in no time' it had a lovely pattern for a peg bag using a child's coat hanger. Here is the book - it really is a good book to start with when learning to sew. The projects have time lengths on them - so you know exactly how long they should take.
Here it is....worth a look.

I started with a template and enlarged it to my own measurements, cutting out the fabric I was going to use.

The pattern suggested adding your own design and as I have a slight infatuation with ribbons as that moment. I added two pieces along the front of the bag.

 I really am sorry about the up side down photo- I am not very computer savvy and I haven't worked out how to turn the photo. (Will put this on my to do list)
Oohhh the lovely ribbons....

All wrapped up and ready to go. I have wrapped it in spotty pink paper and tied some beautiful pink spotty ribbon around it.  I hope she likes it.
Bon Voyage peg bag, enjoy your life in the land of the long white cloud.


Friday, 22 October 2010

Making coin purses - a new obsession

I have a new obsession with making coin purses. It all started with a lovely coin purse my good friend gave me for my birthday nearly two years ago. I love it and still use it to this day.

My lovely coin purse (Very well used!! )

Since I have acquired my new found novice sewing skills I have decided to make one.  So for the last few weeks I have been beavering away. I have been searching online to see the general design of a coin purse and found these beautiful ones.....
These are soo cute! 

There are several online coin purse tutorials you could use. But by far the best one for me was
Although this is for a pouch, I reduced the measurements, which was perfect for a coin purse.
The above tutorial is very simple and showed useful pictures for the novice sewer to follow.
Next the fun bit - buying the kit. If you are a new sewer like me, I had no zips or interfacing lying around the house, so I happily sourced some online and brought some small zips,material, interfacing and ribbon.
Here they are...

I had some ribbon and used them for zip pulls......

So pleased with the gingham lining....Oooh lovely

They will make lovely birthday presents for my Family and friends.
Pumpkin wants one for all her hairbands and clips!

PS If you like these coin purses are having a fantastic giveaway of some beautiful coin purses very similar to these. Go and have a look! (I have just entered myself)

Friday, 15 October 2010

My Goddaughters 8th birthday

My Goddaughter turned 8 last month and I really wanted to make her something from my sewing machine. In the summer holidays I asked her what she would like. I gave her a few options and she choose a Kit bag. I immediately set about deciding what fabrics to use and found a lovely pattern in my Emma Hardy sewing book 'Sewing in no time'. The stipulation was that she does not like pink. I found some beautiful fabric on the Saints and Pinners website which was not pink but greens and oranges with lovely spots, flowers and swirls. They promptly send them to be wrapped in beautiful pink ribbon with a 'thank you note'. I was very impressed and will remember their kind note. Being a beginner sewer - I found the pattern quite easy to follow and enjoyed making it. My 4 year old Pumpkin was very impressed and lovingly asked if I could make one for her - you guessed it in pink!!
Here they are,

I found a lovely lime green button for this flower piece.

Pumpkin uses this for her ballet kit.

My goddaughter was delighted with her bag.

As you might not know I work part time, and this weekend I am off. I am so excited to be spending some time with my family. I have started working on some fabric pictures for my sewing room. I would like to have all my favourite things in my sewing room, highlighting my love of fabrics. I have made two beautiful cushions and a hanging gingham heart. I will show you some photos soon.
Have a lovely weekend.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

The small things...

At the end of the summer we went foraging. I have been making chutney with some lovely Victoria plums we found on a tree behind our house. It is a common walkway and the plums looked delicious. There were other fellow folk foraging as well. A common banter ensued, best recipes swapped and the delight of free fresh food shared. Mr Blister my 6 year old and Pumpkin my 4 year loved it. I gave them a empty spread tub and they picked with their hearts content!

A busy week sewing, I attended a textiles course on Friday and learnt how to make felt. Very interesting process and alot of arm work needed but the result is a piece of felt. I will post a picture of them next time as I have not photographed them as yet. I have made two cushions this week for my new dining room chairs, I used some lovely floral fabric on one side and some gingham, spotty fabric on the other side.

I just love looking at them - and every time I walk past them I feel uplifted!
The power of beautiful fabric....ahhhhhhhh. The small things they say, the small things.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

My first post in the blog world!

Hi there, this is my first post in the blogging world! I am hoping to share my love of handmade loveliness with you all and hope you are as lovely as I think you are.
I have recently re introduced myself to the joys of sewing and home made treasures and I needed a space to share my adventures with you.
I am but no means a expert but a willing enthusiast with a keen eye and a bundle of joyness.
This is what I made at the beginning of the week. I found the fabric at my local haberdashery and was immediatly attracted to it. The shop lady said it was from Amy Butler ( who I have since learnt is one of the matriarch's of modern fabric) and her fabric is fabulous.
I have been using a great sewing book I brought recently called Sewing in no time by Emma Hardy. Its great for beginner sewing projects, with really pretty fabrics and patterns. I used an old Ikea cot duvet cover for the other part of the tea cosy.
We road tested it when my friend E came over for a cuppa or two and yes it did keep warm and lovely.

Ahhhhh tea and cake......yum.