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Lavender hearts

Friday, 22 October 2010

Making coin purses - a new obsession

I have a new obsession with making coin purses. It all started with a lovely coin purse my good friend gave me for my birthday nearly two years ago. I love it and still use it to this day.

My lovely coin purse (Very well used!! )

Since I have acquired my new found novice sewing skills I have decided to make one.  So for the last few weeks I have been beavering away. I have been searching online to see the general design of a coin purse and found these beautiful ones.....
These are soo cute! 

There are several online coin purse tutorials you could use. But by far the best one for me was
Although this is for a pouch, I reduced the measurements, which was perfect for a coin purse.
The above tutorial is very simple and showed useful pictures for the novice sewer to follow.
Next the fun bit - buying the kit. If you are a new sewer like me, I had no zips or interfacing lying around the house, so I happily sourced some online and brought some small zips,material, interfacing and ribbon.
Here they are...

I had some ribbon and used them for zip pulls......

So pleased with the gingham lining....Oooh lovely

They will make lovely birthday presents for my Family and friends.
Pumpkin wants one for all her hairbands and clips!

PS If you like these coin purses are having a fantastic giveaway of some beautiful coin purses very similar to these. Go and have a look! (I have just entered myself)


  1. Loving the materials you are using Becky. I also love my purse you made for me :. Can you make glasses pouches?

  2. Oohh is that an Amy Butler fabric I spy? Lovely blog, I foind you over on UKHandmade I'll go and introduce myself.

  3. Thanks Ceri! I can make glasses pouches. In fact I have found just made a mini pouch over the weekend (another coin purse experiment) which if I lengthened the measurements would make a fab glasses pouch. Watch this space...I feel a new obsession coming on!

  4. Hi Yvette, thanks for your comment! Amy Butler fabric is just beautiful and I do love sewing with it.


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