Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Break Away

I have had an unintentional blog break. I do find every year when the Children and my OH are on School Holidays, my whole routine goes out the door. No more quiet mornings scrolling through my favourite blogs, no time in the evenings to write a post, and with 3 people having a pretty good time relaxing, I can't help but join them.

Although...... we have been to Lanzarote for 2 weeks (no wifi), a few nights in Manchester and on Saturday my Dad is coming over from New Zealand for 9 days. So that sort of counts me out till the beginning of September! I have noticed the weeks are flying by very quickly.

Lanzarote is beautiful and we did take advantage of the beautiful beaches and scenery. We went to the local volcanic mountain 'Timanfaya' park, which struck me as very barren and beautiful.

My view of the beach

Enjoying the sun

The Green lake (seaweed)

Before we left for our two week holiday, I managed to find some lovely charity shop/second hand goodies for my Vintage swap partner Karen at 'The White approach' organised by the lovely Lakota at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping. Although I am a bit forlorn as I still have not received mine! Maybe the Post Office are on Summer Holidays as well? Anyway I will wait with excitement for my parcel.

Lastly I ran a Hazel and Blue giveaway last month for Issue 3 of Mollie Makes magazine see here, and I have a winner....... its Max from Blackbird has Spoken !
Congratulations Max! I will been sending your prize all the way over to the South Island of New Zealand soon. (I have heard that its been snowing this week!)

I am looking forward to catching up and commenting on all your blogs. Sorry I have not been able to comment recently.


Monday, 18 July 2011

Fetes and Fairs

Hello! Happy Monday to everyone, I am feeling a bit under the weather these last few days. What started as a sore throat, has travelled up towards my ears and nose. I know I have not got Flu as I had the flu jab at the beginning of the year, but the common cold is still not nice and I will be most glad when it goes.

With July comes the annual village and town fairs here in England, sometimes there are more than one fair or fete on at any one time, and you are literally spoilt for choice. Fairs or fetes are lovely events, bringing communities together with a common theme of raising money. This weekend at one of local fetes I was lucky enough to buy some authentic Indian food, the local shopkeepers daughter was selling homemade fresh Indian food made that morning- Vegetable Samosas and Egg bhunas. Yum yum that was lunch sorted then!
Fetes/fairs are also good for the thrifty person, as there are normally charity stalls from homes or organisations that do not normally sell. This Green rose enamel tin reminded me of a 1940's house, where the housewife would store her spare cash flow and pull out pennies for her broad. It was 30p.

I have recently found that glass items in charity shops, car boots are rocking my boat, and so I could not resist this glass vase for only 10p. I did notice the bottom of the vase was a bit chipped, but for 10p I had to have it.......That is until I got home and my OH politely told me that if the children got there mitts on it, they may accidentally severe their arteries! So now my beautiful vase is sat in the garage, unsure of its fate.


I was really pleased to have found this Gravy boat at the fete sitting outside my favourite 'house clearance shop' on a white table. The colours really complements my blue and gold tureen I brought in Hampshire here and I snapped this up for only £1.00. It did need a fairy wash and scrub and it has a few cracks, but I still love it.
A bit of Norfolk pottery in my house. Lawleys from Stoke?

My 5 year old DD loved this fete as one of the stalls were selling sparkly tattoo's! She proudly had her sparkly butterflies on her arm all weekend. Wow how they grow up fast, from Dora the Explorer to sparkly tattoo's in a heartbeat.

Have you found any bargains at your local fetes/fairs? I am looking forward to seeing your thrifty bargains this week. I am joining in here at Liz's Magpie Monday and Sophie's Flea market finds.

PS Giveaway alert! If you fancy winning the latest copy of the Must have living and loving all things hand made 'Mollie Makes' magazine, I am having a Hazel and Blue giveaway and I would love it if you joined in!


Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hazel and Blue Giveaway - Mollie Makes Magazine

Roll up Roll Up! I have a brand new giveaway here at Hazel and Blue. Fancy winning the latest issue of the brand new living and loving handmade magazine Mollie Makes?
I am already a massive fan and love this magazine from head to toe and you could too, if you fancy entering the giveaway and getting your mitts on this copy of Mollie Makes!

I have been truly captivated with the new Mollie Makes Magazine for people who like me, love handmade and homemade things. It has it all including Vintage, sewing, craft, retro and thrifting amongst other things. Unlike other craft magazines, Mollie Makes hits you straight away with it's quality. The Magazine is heavy in paper weight and has a feeling of sturdiness. The pages are fill with amazing etsy and folksy finds, beautiful and (dear I say) simple crafts to make, along side interviews with cool vintage crafty people.

I was already hooked from the first issue, and signed up to the introduction subscription straight away.
Issue 3 is fill with beautiful finds and crafty makes, including the crochet flowers on the cover and these complementary felt rings.

I love the complementary craft item included in all the issues and I have already made the Ipod/Smart phone holder from Issue one.

I have a copy of Issue 3 of Mollie Makes and I would love to give it away to one lucky reader. The competition is open to everyone, worldwide (including my beloved New Zealand and Australia). The closing date is August 15th at (GMT) 12pm. After this time I will randomly pick a winner and let you know the winner asap! PS If I do not hear from you within 2 days I will have to pick out another winner. Also I must be able to contact you through your comment to let you know if you have won!

So in order to enter the Hazel and Blue - Mollie Makes Magazine giveaway all you have to do is the following

1) Follow my blog 

2) Leave me a comment to say why you would like a copy of Mollie Makes.

Feel free to tweet about the giveaway if you are on Twitter! I am @hazelandblue

I just want to say thank you for all your lovely comments recently, they truly make me smile and I feel so lucky to have such lovely followers.

Good luck to everyone!


PS This is my own copy of Mollie Makes, I have not been paid or asked to write any of the above. They are all my words and thoughts only.  Peace out.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Library Thrifty Finds

Hello there! Happy Monday to everyone. Whilst out and about recently with my two children, we popped into our local library to pick a few books and have a quick play. To my delight I noticed that they were selling some older books to the public displayed on a table as you walk in. Never one to let a bargain go, I sent the Kiddywinks in and spend a few luxurious minutes browsing the table. I picked these 4 books, as each one had something that I knew I would enjoy reading at some point. They were 50p a book.

I have always wanted a Miller's Price Guide' although once I looked it in, I was slightly dishearted as so far nothing I own is Collectable.... (there is still time)
I choose the Mitch Albom book as he writes really thought provoking novels, his novel 'The five people you meet in Heaven' is a great read about a old man who dies and meets 5 people from his past who he had meet during his life.
'Love in the present tense' is a Richard and Judy Book Club shortlist book, I remember one year I read all of their Summer top reads and found some great authors.
'Mr Golightly's Holiday' by Salley Vickers, caught my eye as its about a gentleman author who is struggling with modern day life until he finds himself living a quiant village life in Rural Dartmoor.

I am hoping to take these on Holiday, as at the moment it tends to be the only time I am reading at the moment!

With our new addition to the Hazel and Blue family we went to the car booty last week and saw these kitten toys, when I explained the lady we had a new kitten, she said we could have them all for £1.00.

Poppy loves them and she is just adorable, she follows me around at night time when the children are asleep and will sleep and purr on my chest, nestled right by my neck, its a bit claustrophobic mind, but I don't mind:)

We also went to our local town fair last weekend, and amongst the food and charity stalls the local cat charity stall were selling these handmade granny woollen blankets for £1.50. We choose this pink one for Poppy  (or was it for me?!) You can never have enough granny blankets.

Lastly: I am thinking of having a giveaway soon, so keep your eyes peeled for my next post.

For this weeks thrifty finds I am linking in here at Liz's Magpie Monday and here at Sophie's Flea Market Finds.

Happy Thrifting!

Monday, 4 July 2011

A Quaint Little Granny Shop

Happy Monday! On Friday morning my friend and I decided to meet for coffee and have a look around our local house clearance shop. It is a quaint old Victorian shop with the smell of a Granny's house full to the brim of old things. I have been inside a few times and you have to tip toe around all the items hanging from every little nook in the shop. The shop is like a hoarders house, the space is quite small and you are almost encouraged to rummage around if you want to find things. Well unexpectedly on Friday (as the sun was shining) the shop owner lady had opened up the back of the shop which now an area for vintage clothes, luggage and pictures in frames and further on, an outdoor area with everything displayed for a £1.00. 
I had to laugh as when I first went 'out the back' there was a blackbird bathing in the far table in the photo in a bowl of rain water. I felt like I was interrupting his privacy, but one look at me entering and his outdoor bath he flew off.
You literally had to dust of the dirt and rain water from these items, as I am sure they are left displayed outdoors over night.
All items displayed outside were £1.00!

My first item I brought was this very funky Spanish retro doll it was  displayed on a old teas maid trolley with all items for a 50p. I loved her face and was even more impressed when I picked her up and when you turn her she plays music.

I really like her cream flower in her hair and she has her original dress and underneath the skirt the original lining is still intact. The marking on her is 'Sempo' Tokyo Japan- never heard of it?

I hope this works! Here she is playing her music.........(please work)
In hindsight, I am not sure what to do with this doll, I may give her away or sell her as she doesn't seem to fit in with our house at the moment.. who knows? She really is beautiful but I don't want to put her away in a box.

I also picked up this glass trinket jar outside on the £1.00 display shelves.

Perfect for the top of my chest of drawers where I keep my jewellery and bits and pieces.

I brought a few more things but will show them in my next post, as I am having trouble with my laptop at the moment. I think it needs a MOT as it is sooooo slow at the moment and it is taking me hours to post.

Thank you for all your lovely comments recently, I really love reading them and I am looking forward to seeing all your thrifty finds this week. I am linking in here at Liz's Magpie Monday and Sophie's flea market finds.

Happy thrifting

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Strawberry Heart Monthly Make

I recently found a great link to join in and show case your monthly makes. Annie at Felt Fairy has organised A Monthly Make, where you can showcase your hand made items you have made during the month. I particular like that this as it is a monthly challenge, thus taking the pressure off trying to make something every week!

This month I wanted to have a go at appliqueing. (Appliqueing is when you iron/sew fabric onto another piece of fabric and sew into place.) I have seen other people's items finished with appliqueing and I have always thought it looks really nice. I decided to use my new fabric I wrote about here brought from My fabric house.

I satin stitched the free hand applique heart using my sewing machine.

Thrifting comes with a lot of bubble wrap!

So I made a strawberry heart appliqued bubble wrap holder

And lastly a sneak peek at my beloved sewing box. The box was given to me from my Father in Law (who also sews). He gave it to me as a surprise when I first started sewing again last year, he had filled it with lots of bits and pieces for me and I was so thrilled to recieve it. 


Monday, 27 June 2011

Vintage Cream Tea Camping

We have been camping recently and found a great campsite locally. Its small and has only a few pitches, which suits us as we dont like the 'madding crowd' so they say. It also has a swimming river and the best part a cream tea in the afternoon.

It was magical, the front lawn of a old listed house was set up with plastic chairs layed with flower tablecloths, vintage tea cups and teapots, and the best looking cream in sundae glasses.

I still have a burning ambition to go to London for a high tea, but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this country vintage cream tea. It has definitely wet my appetite for more.

Inspired by the vintage tea plates, I picked these two flower and fruit vintage plates from my local charity shop this week. They were 69p each.

I also spotted this white fire place coal holder, in my other charity shop in town. I knew as soon as I saw it that I would use it for our umbrellas. The lady at the charity shop said it was used to store coal in for fireplaces.

I have been storing under the stairs at the moment, as it doesn't seem to be rain weather at the moment.... Cross fingers for more sunny days.
I am linking in here for Liz's Magpie Monday, and Sophie's Flea market finds.
Happy thrifting!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Knitted Blanket Map Love

Hello there! This week I received the most lovely 'Map' wrapped parcel all the way from New Zealand from the lovely Max at Blackbird has Spoken.
A couple of weeks ago Max blogged about her recent thrifty finds and this Cool knitted blanket was one of things she found. Amazingly Max said that the blanket may be better suited for someone else and said if anyone wanted the blanket to leave a comment. So I did, guess who was the lucky recipient? Perhaps it was my sob story about never seeing these blankets for sale in the charity shops, or the fact I could have a piece of NZ with me here in England!) either way I am thrilled. Thank you Max!

                                                         How cool a Map wrapped parcel

Sitting proudly on our living room sofa

One little kitten especially loves it! Poppy our kitten has arrived and she is just gorgeous.

Lastly I have been thinking recently about all the great things I get from writing my blog. I have meet (virtually) some really lovely people, I have been inspired, I have found some great products, competitions, swaps and received some lovely presents. When I first started writing this blog, I never thought I would do all of the above, and each week that goes by I still feel excited about what I am going to read or find.
As mentioned here the lovely Lou at Jumbles and Pompoms presented me with the 'One Lovely Blog' award. Thank you Lou!


I think I am supposed to write some random things about me.

My Uncle was a All Black (rugby) for NZ in the 1950's.

My Father had 8 sisters and no brothers.

I love roller coasters.

I can count to 10 in Japanese

I almost never measure ingredients when I bake.

I have been to Malaysia 8 times.

Please feel free to not do this blog award, as I know some people feel it doesn't suit their blogs, but it is nice to receive a award!

Tartan Kiwi Christchurch Mum with a heart of gold!

The Savvy Crafter Contributor to Mollie Makes amongst other things..

From the Kiwi Girl Op shop Kiwi living in Australia

Thursday, 16 June 2011

My Red Cross Nurses

Happy Thursday everyone! Thank you very much for your lovely comments from my last post about the dreadful earthquake in Christchurch, I have been reading Christchurch Mum blogs and feel relieved that they are all supporting each other in this terrible time for this city.

I recently joined in a Tea Towel Swap I wrote about here, organised by Leonie at Kiwi at Heart. I was so thrilled to receive a parcel this week from my swap partner Tracy who has a lovely blog called From the Kiwi Girl . Tracy is a Kiwi Mum living in Australia, who loves charity shopping and life!

The Parcel was wrapped beautifully and had these little stamps of Australian Kookaburra's on them.
I was so delighted when I opened the parcel and saw that my love of vintage and tea towels was all wrapped into one! Not only is it vintage in design, but a charity shop find, as Tracy wrote in her little note that she brought it at her local Red cross charity shop.

How could you not join, with this angelic face looking at you!

                                               The Family that joins together, stays together!

But my favourite is this lovely lady, I have recently added her to my avatar as she reminds me of me! Ok I am not as beautiful as her, but I love vintage and she is a Nurse. (Clue on my profession here)

Lastly a really Big thank you to Loo at Jumbles and Pompoms for presenting me with the One lovely blog award. I am really delighted and thrilled with this blog award. I will be writing more about it at the end of the week. Thank you Loo!

Happy end of week to everyone.

Monday, 13 June 2011

My Thrifty Finds - Wooden Prayers

Happy Monday to everyone! Sorry to start on our a down note, but I awoke this morning to hear the awful news about another earthquake in Christchurch overnight. What more can this beautiful city endure? Luckily no one so far has been hurt, but I am sending all my prayers and thoughts to Christchurch on this dreadful day.

For my thrifty finds this week I found these beautiful wooden silhouette prints at my local charity shop in the 50p frame box, I brought the pair for £1 pound. I seen to be gravitating towards items from Scotland recently, as these two pretty prints are from Edinburgh and are made using a technique called 'Marquetry' where the artist rough sketches a drawing on paper and uses there eye to draw onto selected wood and cut, assembled and finished by hand to form the one-of-a-kind wood image. Very cool!

Another glass item caught my eye when I went into my local charity shop, I spotted this thick beautifully cut glass vase for £1.99 and loved the flower pattern on the outside. It was all fairy liquid cleaned, and this morning I cut some roses from our garden to put in the vase.

In the fabric section, I spied this vintage curtain, on the price label it had 'old curtain fabric'. It is fully lined and quite heavy fabric, but I liked the flower patterns on the fabric, and I could definitely use it to sew a lot of projects.

And lastly thank you to all the fantastic Vintage, charity, thrifty blogs that I follow, I absolutely love reading all your blogs and adore looking at all thrifty finds and everyday life.

For this weeks thrifty finds I am linking in here at Liz's Magpie Monday and here at Sophie's flea market finds.

Happy Thrifting!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Thrifty finds - Small items

 For some reason this week, all my thrifty finds have been small items, it got me thinking about all the sayings about small things eg 'small things come in big packages' or 'its not the size that counts', 'its the small things that count' (can't think of anymore?) anyway I am digressing.....
 For this weeks thrifty finds I have been out and about to car boot sales. I love going to car booties this time of year, you can pick up some real beauties for really low prices and this week I managed to get each of my items for under a £1 pound.

I saw this really cute retro one-person tea pot at our local car boot, I have been looking for a teapot for a long time, although this one is not what I had in mind, I couldn't resist it, as I really liked the 70's pattern on it. It has a Polish mark on the bottom of the pot and it was 50p.

This next item was inspired after reading a post on Glass from Karen at her beautiful blog The White Approach . Glass has never really shall I say 'rocked my boat', but after seeing how beautiful Karen's glass vases are with fresh flowers in them, I decided to take a closer look next time.
So on Sunday when I saw this cute baby glass vase at the car booty I immediately had a second look.
 The lady at the stall gave it to me for 50p, and when I got home and had a chance to look at it properly, the label said  'Scottish crystal' on it. Surprisingly for a small item it is very solid and the detail on the glass is amazing.

And my last item is this 'Noritake' China Blue Moon sugar bowl with lid. I was attracted by the blue flower pattern and loved the 60's look of the china bowl. I brought it for 99p.

For this weeks thrifty finds I am linking in to Liz's Magpie Monday here 

I am always on the look out for new blogs to add to my reading list. I tend to gravitate towards vintage/thrifty/crafty blogs, and I have recently added a few to my blog roll (Thank you to the lovely Lakota at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping who always recommends brilliant blogs to read - grab a cuppa and take a look!)
That is why I love blogging, by reading other peoples blogs you can find so many other like minded people out in the blogging world.
There is always room for more!
Happy Thrifting