Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Strawberry Heart Monthly Make

I recently found a great link to join in and show case your monthly makes. Annie at Felt Fairy has organised A Monthly Make, where you can showcase your hand made items you have made during the month. I particular like that this as it is a monthly challenge, thus taking the pressure off trying to make something every week!

This month I wanted to have a go at appliqueing. (Appliqueing is when you iron/sew fabric onto another piece of fabric and sew into place.) I have seen other people's items finished with appliqueing and I have always thought it looks really nice. I decided to use my new fabric I wrote about here brought from My fabric house.

I satin stitched the free hand applique heart using my sewing machine.

Thrifting comes with a lot of bubble wrap!

So I made a strawberry heart appliqued bubble wrap holder

And lastly a sneak peek at my beloved sewing box. The box was given to me from my Father in Law (who also sews). He gave it to me as a surprise when I first started sewing again last year, he had filled it with lots of bits and pieces for me and I was so thrilled to recieve it. 



  1. Applique to is a lot of fun xxx and yours looks wonderful - you can never have too many hearts

  2. A bubble wrap bag, what a great idea. I usually keep mine in a cardboard box but your appliqued holder looks far more stylish.

  3. Oh to be organised and able to sew. You must feel such a sense of achievement when you finish something like this. gorgeous details on the fabric, I want one, I'd keep carrier bags in mine.

  4. That is beautiful, I've been thinking aobut appliqueing on some of my felt bags and seeing how good your bubble wrap baggie looks I think I'll give it a go

    Love your sewing box, I think I need one too, my stuff is getting a bit unwieldy and scattered now!

  5. well done on the bubble wrap holder. looks really good. you did it so neatly. and how brilliant to be given the sewing box.x


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