Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Knitted Blanket Map Love

Hello there! This week I received the most lovely 'Map' wrapped parcel all the way from New Zealand from the lovely Max at Blackbird has Spoken.
A couple of weeks ago Max blogged about her recent thrifty finds and this Cool knitted blanket was one of things she found. Amazingly Max said that the blanket may be better suited for someone else and said if anyone wanted the blanket to leave a comment. So I did, guess who was the lucky recipient? Perhaps it was my sob story about never seeing these blankets for sale in the charity shops, or the fact I could have a piece of NZ with me here in England!) either way I am thrilled. Thank you Max!

                                                         How cool a Map wrapped parcel

Sitting proudly on our living room sofa

One little kitten especially loves it! Poppy our kitten has arrived and she is just gorgeous.

Lastly I have been thinking recently about all the great things I get from writing my blog. I have meet (virtually) some really lovely people, I have been inspired, I have found some great products, competitions, swaps and received some lovely presents. When I first started writing this blog, I never thought I would do all of the above, and each week that goes by I still feel excited about what I am going to read or find.
As mentioned here the lovely Lou at Jumbles and Pompoms presented me with the 'One Lovely Blog' award. Thank you Lou!


I think I am supposed to write some random things about me.

My Uncle was a All Black (rugby) for NZ in the 1950's.

My Father had 8 sisters and no brothers.

I love roller coasters.

I can count to 10 in Japanese

I almost never measure ingredients when I bake.

I have been to Malaysia 8 times.

Please feel free to not do this blog award, as I know some people feel it doesn't suit their blogs, but it is nice to receive a award!

Tartan Kiwi Christchurch Mum with a heart of gold!

The Savvy Crafter Contributor to Mollie Makes amongst other things..

From the Kiwi Girl Op shop Kiwi living in Australia


  1. That blanket is gorgeous Becky, how lovely of Max to send it, and well done on your award, your blog is great. Nice for you to have 8 aunties, but your poor dad!

  2. I do love a good blanket and that one looks splendid! Most impressed with the counting to 10 in Japanese!

  3. That is a really gorgeous blanket!

    K xx

  4. cool that your dad was an All Black, what is his name?
    The blanket is lovely gift.
    I agree with you Becky..I never thought that I could be chatting to people in different countries about the things I like and share my passions.
    Its certainly a fun group to be a part of. Thank you once again for the nomination..wonderful start to my day!

  5. Thank you so much for the award and the kind words.
    That is a beautiful blanket- lucky you :-)

  6. Great blanket, even better wrapping! I'd never have thought of using a map. Did you keep it?

  7. love the blanket - nearly as much as your kitten! xx

  8. Ooh that is a cute kitty, she can keep the blanket used until you need it in winter-so glad you liked it x


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