Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Monday, 6 June 2011

Thrifty finds - Small items

 For some reason this week, all my thrifty finds have been small items, it got me thinking about all the sayings about small things eg 'small things come in big packages' or 'its not the size that counts', 'its the small things that count' (can't think of anymore?) anyway I am digressing.....
 For this weeks thrifty finds I have been out and about to car boot sales. I love going to car booties this time of year, you can pick up some real beauties for really low prices and this week I managed to get each of my items for under a £1 pound.

I saw this really cute retro one-person tea pot at our local car boot, I have been looking for a teapot for a long time, although this one is not what I had in mind, I couldn't resist it, as I really liked the 70's pattern on it. It has a Polish mark on the bottom of the pot and it was 50p.

This next item was inspired after reading a post on Glass from Karen at her beautiful blog The White Approach . Glass has never really shall I say 'rocked my boat', but after seeing how beautiful Karen's glass vases are with fresh flowers in them, I decided to take a closer look next time.
So on Sunday when I saw this cute baby glass vase at the car booty I immediately had a second look.
 The lady at the stall gave it to me for 50p, and when I got home and had a chance to look at it properly, the label said  'Scottish crystal' on it. Surprisingly for a small item it is very solid and the detail on the glass is amazing.

And my last item is this 'Noritake' China Blue Moon sugar bowl with lid. I was attracted by the blue flower pattern and loved the 60's look of the china bowl. I brought it for 99p.

For this weeks thrifty finds I am linking in to Liz's Magpie Monday here 

I am always on the look out for new blogs to add to my reading list. I tend to gravitate towards vintage/thrifty/crafty blogs, and I have recently added a few to my blog roll (Thank you to the lovely Lakota at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping who always recommends brilliant blogs to read - grab a cuppa and take a look!)
That is why I love blogging, by reading other peoples blogs you can find so many other like minded people out in the blogging world.
There is always room for more!
Happy Thrifting


  1. Love your finds! The little glass vase looks beautiful! Scarlett x

  2. I'm going to be a parrot and say I adore the little glass vase . . . I don't know - me and glass, I have a problem! :-) Gorgeous little Noritake pot too, total bargain!

    Jem xXx

  3. Hi Becky, gorgeous finds. My favourite is the cute little teapot.

  4. The glass is lovely, gaze at with a lovely cup of tea out of the super tea pot! x

  5. The glass vase is loverlee, "small but perfectly formed!" x

  6. oh that TeaPot is so cute. Like you, I can spend an hour or more on the computer just jumping from blog to blog.. I read one of my regulars, see someone commenting who liked what I did, I check their blog... etc.etc. next thing an hour is gone and I have seen many many lovely things, gotten some good tips, picked up a recipe or 2, or even a knitting pattern.. such fun.

  7. Hi Becky, firstly thank you so much for the mention. It always thrills me when I find out that I have inspired somebody : ) xx
    I love your items this week. Especially the bud vase xx What total bargains. I will never understand why people don't enjoy hunting the boot sales. They don't know what they are missing xx

  8. Beautiful finds,you unearthed some really pretty things. Love the teapot, very 'me'.x

  9. I'm loving that crystal vase!
    My previous thrifting had been confined to items that I could use for crafting. However since starting work at our local charity shop I'm finding it increasingly difficult not to come home with bags full of bargains. It never ceases to amaze me what people are willing to part with. Still if they didn't part with it we wouldn't be able to provide appreciative new homes :o)

  10. I love your new teapot...great shape and very handy for when you're the only one having a cuppa x

  11. Hi Becky..just got your parcel the tea towel..cadbury chocolate is my favourite. The sweet little fabric roll is favourite is the apple material.
    Thank you so much.
    Your parcel will be arriving soon. :D

  12. Hi Becky, Guess what? Your number came up in the knitted blanket draw! Let me know your details and I'll have it in the post to you asap (you can email me at Glad it's found a good home xxx


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