Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Thursday, 16 June 2011

My Red Cross Nurses

Happy Thursday everyone! Thank you very much for your lovely comments from my last post about the dreadful earthquake in Christchurch, I have been reading Christchurch Mum blogs and feel relieved that they are all supporting each other in this terrible time for this city.

I recently joined in a Tea Towel Swap I wrote about here, organised by Leonie at Kiwi at Heart. I was so thrilled to receive a parcel this week from my swap partner Tracy who has a lovely blog called From the Kiwi Girl . Tracy is a Kiwi Mum living in Australia, who loves charity shopping and life!

The Parcel was wrapped beautifully and had these little stamps of Australian Kookaburra's on them.
I was so delighted when I opened the parcel and saw that my love of vintage and tea towels was all wrapped into one! Not only is it vintage in design, but a charity shop find, as Tracy wrote in her little note that she brought it at her local Red cross charity shop.

How could you not join, with this angelic face looking at you!

                                               The Family that joins together, stays together!

But my favourite is this lovely lady, I have recently added her to my avatar as she reminds me of me! Ok I am not as beautiful as her, but I love vintage and she is a Nurse. (Clue on my profession here)

Lastly a really Big thank you to Loo at Jumbles and Pompoms for presenting me with the One lovely blog award. I am really delighted and thrilled with this blog award. I will be writing more about it at the end of the week. Thank you Loo!

Happy end of week to everyone.


  1. That's a lovely tea-towel, what a great swap gift. I'm sure you're equally as glamorous as the vintage nurse :-)

    Congrats on your blog award, very well deserved x

  2. That is an utterly fabulous tea towel and so apt too! :-)

    Jem xXx

  3. Aww that is lovely it would be great framed ;-)) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  4. that's a lovely tea towel and perfect for you too...makes a great profile pic btw x

  5. What a beautiful tea towel xxx

  6. Well done on your award Becky.
    Nice post! :D

  7. oh my that is one great Tea Towel♥

  8. Oh im so loving that tea towel! What a great swap idea :o) Scarlett x

  9. The tea towel is fantastic! Love the pictures on it.

  10. Fantastic teatowel. I love the detail and the pictures.


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