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Lavender hearts

Monday, 4 July 2011

A Quaint Little Granny Shop

Happy Monday! On Friday morning my friend and I decided to meet for coffee and have a look around our local house clearance shop. It is a quaint old Victorian shop with the smell of a Granny's house full to the brim of old things. I have been inside a few times and you have to tip toe around all the items hanging from every little nook in the shop. The shop is like a hoarders house, the space is quite small and you are almost encouraged to rummage around if you want to find things. Well unexpectedly on Friday (as the sun was shining) the shop owner lady had opened up the back of the shop which now an area for vintage clothes, luggage and pictures in frames and further on, an outdoor area with everything displayed for a £1.00. 
I had to laugh as when I first went 'out the back' there was a blackbird bathing in the far table in the photo in a bowl of rain water. I felt like I was interrupting his privacy, but one look at me entering and his outdoor bath he flew off.
You literally had to dust of the dirt and rain water from these items, as I am sure they are left displayed outdoors over night.
All items displayed outside were £1.00!

My first item I brought was this very funky Spanish retro doll it was  displayed on a old teas maid trolley with all items for a 50p. I loved her face and was even more impressed when I picked her up and when you turn her she plays music.

I really like her cream flower in her hair and she has her original dress and underneath the skirt the original lining is still intact. The marking on her is 'Sempo' Tokyo Japan- never heard of it?

I hope this works! Here she is playing her music.........(please work)
In hindsight, I am not sure what to do with this doll, I may give her away or sell her as she doesn't seem to fit in with our house at the moment.. who knows? She really is beautiful but I don't want to put her away in a box.

I also picked up this glass trinket jar outside on the £1.00 display shelves.

Perfect for the top of my chest of drawers where I keep my jewellery and bits and pieces.

I brought a few more things but will show them in my next post, as I am having trouble with my laptop at the moment. I think it needs a MOT as it is sooooo slow at the moment and it is taking me hours to post.

Thank you for all your lovely comments recently, I really love reading them and I am looking forward to seeing all your thrifty finds this week. I am linking in here at Liz's Magpie Monday and Sophie's flea market finds.

Happy thrifting


  1. That shop sounds right up my street. I love a good rummage. Cute Spanish doll.

  2. oooh I love the glass dish ... I saw one like that this week for £3 and was very tempted ... but I thought I had spent enough at that point ....... may have to call back and get it though :)
    Maria x

  3. Oh my i'd love that shop! Great finds and dont get me started on laptop troubles ;o) Scarlett x

  4. I would love to have a little shop like that near me. I think the doll is cool but difficult to know where to put her unless you are really into kitsch. If you can bear to part with her I bet she would go well on eBay!

  5. I am sure I had that doll as a child as I used to collect them from around the world. Glass dish is sweet and should be filled with them

  6. This looks just like the house clearance shop I have near me. I love it - having to wash years of grime and dust off makes me feel like I've worked to get it!

    Adore the little glass dish. The doll is kinda creepy (says she with a head and a glass eye on her shelf! LOL)

  7. Sounds and looks a great place for a good rummage. Cute doll and so is the glass dish. enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  8. I love the doll's face and the flower in her hair - sadly I can't hear the music/get the video to play, but will come back and try later. £1 was a bargain for your sweetie jar - I think I am the only one that does not have a glass one.

  9. Sounds like the best kind of shop, lucky you! There is a flea market local to me with faded china filled with rainwater outside - no idea who you'd pay for any of it, and nothing is priced...

  10. Love that shop, there's something like that in my neighbourhood but I've never been in, I'm going to go and have a look next time I'm sans toddler (teetering shelves and rabbit runs of aisles and kids are not a good mix!). Fab finds! x


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