Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Sunday, 10 October 2010

The small things...

At the end of the summer we went foraging. I have been making chutney with some lovely Victoria plums we found on a tree behind our house. It is a common walkway and the plums looked delicious. There were other fellow folk foraging as well. A common banter ensued, best recipes swapped and the delight of free fresh food shared. Mr Blister my 6 year old and Pumpkin my 4 year loved it. I gave them a empty spread tub and they picked with their hearts content!

A busy week sewing, I attended a textiles course on Friday and learnt how to make felt. Very interesting process and alot of arm work needed but the result is a piece of felt. I will post a picture of them next time as I have not photographed them as yet. I have made two cushions this week for my new dining room chairs, I used some lovely floral fabric on one side and some gingham, spotty fabric on the other side.

I just love looking at them - and every time I walk past them I feel uplifted!
The power of beautiful fabric....ahhhhhhhh. The small things they say, the small things.

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