Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Fabric wreath and Fabric Swap Delights

Having a whole 10 days off paid work has been so great, in that I have finally found the time to start crafting and sewing again. I wanted to make something with a wire wreath. At Christmas I went a bit mad and brought a bulk order of twelve wire wreaths and only used 4 of them! I decided to make a fabric wreath,
 I had seen a similar wreath on the fabulous sewing blog Flossie teacakes showcased here on the Saints and Pinners blog. It shows instructions on how to make one (if you fancy it) NB: If you need a wire wreath send me a message and I will post you one!

They really are are so easy to make, and a great way to use up all your fabric scraps, if you do not have spare fabric, you could use an old pillow case or an old baby cot sheet. My two children loved cutting the fabric and tying them around the wire wreath.
You can be as neat or slap dash as you like with the arrangement of the fabric!
I have the wreath up above hanging on the window in my sewing/dining room.

I also received my first ever fabric swap in the post, organised by the lovely Very Berry handmade. Basically you are linked up to another swap partner and they send you fabric and you send someone else some fabric. It felt like Christmas when I opened up the parcel, and seeing all the lovely delights inside.

Inside were some beautiful crochet ribbon, and some very cute Easter egg ribbon.

Some gorgeous spring fabric, including this sweet strawberry fabric.

And this pile of lovely oranges and red fabrics. I think I am going to make some Easter egg pouches for my family and the children.

They were all given to me by the lovely Izabela over at Isamo Crochet 
Thank you very much!

NB: Very Berry Handmade are now doing a Spring scrap swap, here is the link if you fancy joining in!



  1. Ooo. I'd like a wire wreath if you've one to spare! I've always fancied doing this project. My email address is: justine-mullins at sky dot com. Thanks!!

  2. They are really easy to make! Will drop you a line.

  3. Hi Becky, love the wreath. I'd forgotten that I wanted to do something like this. I've done a felted square wreath, a plastic bag wreath and a paper leaf wreathy thing (not a good explanation, I know!). Thanks for reminding me to attempt a fabric one. If you have a spare wire wreath, I'd love one! My email is xx

  4. I love wreaths, that one looks great, very spinglike. I guess all you need is to change the colours of fabric and you have a totally different mood - oranges for autumn would be nice too. I'd love to have a go if you still have one spare.

  5. Gorgeous! I made a christmas red and white one in December but I've been meaning to make a more summery version too! x

  6. Wow, the wreath is gorgeous! It's so nice to see another crafty blog, but that's so different to what I do. If you like swaps, I've just joined a swap site - I wrote a little about it in my recent 'N is for new stuff' post, have a look! If you still have any spare wreaths I would love one, but it sounds like they've been in demand! My email is

  7. Love the wreath ive been wanting to have a go at making one of those for ages just never seem to get round to it, ive tons of fabrics and ribbons that need using up :~


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