Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Autumn celebrations

 Autumn is just a beautiful season and brings a lot of happy times in our household. We all seem to have our birthdays within weeks of each other then soon after we celebrate Christmas.

You may not know this but I was born in New Zealand and November is a Spring month, lots of freshly mowed lawns and warm sunny morning. But since living in beautiful England, I have celebrating my birthday in the Autumn season. No more outdoor celebrations, but more cosy, fire lit, warm evening birthdays. I am not complaining as I really have fallen head of heels for the autumn season.
My children adore the leaves falling and are amazed when I tell them they will grow again in the Spring. They enjoy Halloween, Guy Fawkes night, birthdays and the Christmas celebrations.
Last week I celebrated my birthday on a cold cosy November day, I was thoroughly spoilt and felt like a Queen for a day. I had requested a new camera (our original one was brought when my Son was born and could only take 3 photos before it ran out of power). I was so delighted when Hubby presented me with a lovely Violet digital camera, I soon started taken pictures of every thing I could see and putting them into slide shows for my Husband to view all evening.
I not sure if it is a age thing, but I find as I get older, I am more selective about what I would like, so having given my family a small list of little treasures a few weeks earlier, I was thrilled when I opened the presents and found them in front of me.
Paperchase teatowels
I love these Paperchase tea towels, I could look at these owl patterns all day.Oohh love paperchase!
Their is a lot of fabric around at the moment with owl patterns and designs, I think it is so timely with the darker days and autumn nights.

This pretty heart photo/note display
I have wanted something like this pretty heart photo/note display for a long time, so pleased with this.
I hope you all enjoy the Autumn season and the changes it brings with it.


PS My thoughts go out to the NZ miners in Greymouth and their families and friends today.

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