Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Pink fabric wreath and snow!

We have been excitingly showered with snow in the last 24 hours and it has been magical! Both my two children have been so excited and have loved playing in the snow. There has been conversations of sledges and snowman amongst the Mums and Dads in the neighbourhood today (even a small mention of school closures), but alas for now the snow has stopped.

I have had such lovely comments about the ribbon wreaths I have been making, that I have decided to make some more. This time I have used fabric strips instead if ribbon. I love to co-ordinate all the colours, so there is some sort of colour pattern the eye can follow.
I had kept a parcel bag full of strips,end bits of fabric, discarded from my sewing projects and greedily used these for the fabric wreath. I had lots of pale pinks and pastel light greens left over fabric which I feel compliment and look nice together. I find making wreaths, quite a cathartic process,choosing,cutting and applying the fabric/ribbon strips around the wire base of the frame is very relaxing.
To hang with, I used a beautiful double sided baby pink ribbon.
Lots of gingham, stripes and spots. I think this would like lovely in a girls bedroom.
My next wreath I am working on is a Red Christmas one, using lots of different styles of red ribbons, so far (I am about half way) it looks very festive and what with the snow today, its putting me in the Christmas spirit!
I have been crafty busy the last few days, not only making the above but also lavender hearts, ornament Christmas trees, and a green gingham purse- phew! I really do enjoy making these things and feel so pleased when I see the finished piece. Both Mister Blister and Pumpkin are interested in them too, and frequently ask me how my sewing/craft work is going! I love the fact they are seeing there Mum doing some thing worthwhile, they always seem so pleased when I show them what I have been working on. Maybe its just kids and the unconditional love they have for you!

Anyway, time to sit and relax Hubby has just brought me a cup of tea and a apple and cream turnover! Ah the small things. Bx

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