Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Lavender hearts and Christmas presents

The first day of December, and the countdown to Christmas begins. In our household this means the ritual of the Chocolate advent calenders, Christmas plans and the mad rush to the shops to buy white tights for the school nativity.  We also have more snow too, lots and lots of it.
Thank fully in the South West the snow is not as heavy as other places and so far it has not seemed to disrupt our day to day living. (No school snow days!)
This time of year is always busy for me, as I have another Hazel and Blue birthday, as well as the deadline date for New Zealand Christmas presents all in the same week. Every year I vow I will be organised and get all my Christmas and birthday shopping done before this week, but so far I have never managed too.
So yet again a lot of mad dashes to the shops, online shopping frenzy and wrapping present sessions have followed. This year I decided to include some thing handmade in my parcels and decided on Lavender hearts made with some lovely fabric I had brought from fabric rehab.

                     They smell lovely and would make a great item for hamper presents.

I also decided to show case some of the lovely ribbon I have become addicted to and wrap all my Christmas presents with them, using brown paper, red tartan ribbon and a gift tag.

                                                         All wrapped and ready to go.

The children are also very excited now, Mister Blister said tonight 'I just want Christmas to come now.' as he munched through his first Advent calender chocolate.
I have brought some Christmas cookie cutters this year for the children and we plan to make cookies together to give to their teachers and friends. Ohh I love Christmas, love it.


  1. your hearts are just lovely! I had a go at my first one the other day and it was a complete disaster, my first project this year that I actually gave up on! Out of all the things I've made this year I couldn't believe that a fabric stuffed heart with a ribbon would break me! Will try again though, maybe next christmas! Looking forward to following your crafting journey :)

  2. Hi Megan,
    Thanks for your lovely comment! It is great to have a fellow NZ with me on my crafty journey. Your gingerbread felt houses where fab.
    Im following you now!
    Happy crafting :)


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