Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas Wishlist - Poor boy

Sometimes when we are so busy as Mothers, working Mothers,wife's, friends etc it can be quite easy not to be there for our children. Yesterday my eldest was diagnosed with Flu, proper flu not a sniffle or a cough, but a high temperature, headache, vomiting and so tired he cannot move. It does whirl you into a complete stop and you drop everything and realise how precious they are.
I recently came across a great blog post called 'what I want to give: presence' by Ashleyann at Under the Sycamore, our children's wish list is not 'hang on a minute', 'in a sec', 'I'm just doing something', 'won't be long! it would be - our time , to draw with them, play with them, read to them  'Ashleyann describes this so well in her blog post take a look here .
As a busy working Mum myself, I can feel overwhelmed at times with school, work, home,cleaning, been a good friend etc that it can hinder the time we have with our own children.
So my wish list for the next year, is to give my children more of my time. Starting from now.
Merry Christmas!
PS Nm 1 is on the mend.. the miracle of antibiotics and regular pain relief!


  1. That's a great resolution! Hope he starts to feel a bit better soon and you manage to have a lovely family christmas all together xx

  2. Nicely put, You forget how bad a flu is until you get a real one. Colds just pale in comparison. My husband came down with one, at the same time as my girls while I was out of town for work. It was only my second time EVER out of town for work. I felt so very guilty. I ended up calling my mum and sending her around to help, when I couldn't. I'm pleased to hear your one is on the mend.


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