Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Monday, 13 December 2010


I am finally writing a blog on one of my favourite craft items - ribbons. When I first started rediscovering sewing earlier in the year, I brought a book called 'Sewing in no time' shown here in a previous post
Most of the sewing designs required ribbons, so along with buying fabric,thread and buttons, I needed to find some ribbons. Away I went shopping and when for the first time I set my eyes upon the rows and rows of beautiful ribbons in a local craft shop, I felt like a child in a sweet shop. I love the fact that with ribbons, you do not need to be a experienced 'crafty' to make something so pretty. By adding some ribbon to say a coin purse, cushion cover, lavender heart or a wreath, it can add that special
something to a handmade piece.

I have slowly added to my mountain of ribbon and I am now seriously contemplating buying a second hand wooden ladder to store them on. I love sourcing ribbons and have brought them from various places, in store haberdasheries, online specialist ribbon shops, eBay, and Christmas Fayre's.

I do love to co ordinate the ribbons with different sewing projects, and currently due to been so close to Christmas, their is an abundance of red ribbon(present wrapping and wreaths) The gingham ribbons are great for other projects, I am currently using them to put in my little girls hair - she loves them. My next sewing project I am about to start will be for my lovely in laws for Christmas. They have asked for a cover for their new kitchen blender, I have some lovely Amy Butler retro 60's looking fabric, with dark orange, browns and greens, a sewing tutorial from sewmamasew, thread and some time this week to make it.
I will keep you informed in my next post.
Happy sewing. Bxx


  1. Hi Becky, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! you certainly do have a lovely collection of ribbons from what I can see, how gorgeous they look all together! i too went through a bit of a ribbon buying phase, i remember my first trip to vv rouleaux in London, ribbon heaven! have you been? you would have a field day there :) x

  2. Thanks Jenny!

    I have not been to VV rouleaux, but I have heard of so many great craft/fabric shops in London, that I will have to plan a trip!
    Liberty, VV rouleaux, Loop the list goes on...
    Great to have a local follower, thankyou. Bx

  3. Hi Becky, thanks for popping by and commenting on my blog! The fabric wreaths you've made are just lovely. A few members of my family have just emigrated to NZ funnily enough! They're feeling strange having a warm Christmas this year! :)

  4. Thanks Justine, I do miss NZ around this time of year, and when I took my Husband to NZ one Xmas, he too found it strange at first to get used to shorts and t-shirts, barbecues and swimming at the beach on Xmas day!
    Thank you for following!:) Bx


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