Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Fabric Christmas trees

Since earlier this year, when I decided to embrace my creative side. I have wanted to make my own Christmas decorations. I looked at the lovely handmade advent calenders and sighed, the little intrinsic embroidered windows and the lovely hand sewn numbers where to be honest, too overwhelming for me (at the present!) But I did not give up and when I spotted these lovely fabric Christmas trees using fabric,ribbon,felt and buttons, I instantly knew I wanted to make them. The pattern come from the lovely lucykatecrafts at they are easy to make and you can use any christmassy fabric from your fabric stash. I used some red patterned fabric I had from a previous fat quarter bundle sale.
I used some pretty red ribbon around the tree and the base of the tree. To keep the tree standing up right, I  used two pebbles from outside and sewed them into the base of the trees. I have adapted the pattern and made my own design, which you could easily do. This is what I love about creating something handmade, your own style and taste can be adapted to any design.
I love the idea about a handmade Christmas decoration swap, where you receive handmade goodies from other crafty liked minded folk and you send some of your handmade items in return. This would be a great way to showcase your work and receive some lovely things in return. In New Zealand they are doing a similar thing and I found some cool felt gingerbread houses from Megan @ Mousehouse check them out  I will definitely be making this next Christmas, with perhaps doing a similar Christmas decoration craft swap here in the lovely UK.

But for now these beauties are sitting on the piano in our dining room- waiting to be shown in all their glory on Christmas day when we are having our Christmas dinner.

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  1. I made these last year too and love them! Yours look fab - loving your blog!


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