Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Monday, 8 November 2010

Beautiful cushions

If some one had told how easy it was to make cushion covers when I was in my early twenties, I would have stopped buying so many cushion covers over the years. I have a loft full of cushions that I have discarded over the years, once I re-decorated a room, got bored of the colours, did not like the colour etc.
My Father in law (who is a very good sewer!) said I should look into making covers for cushions as they were simple to do, so being a simple sewer -I did. And what a discovery I found. You can sew a cushion cover in 20 minutes! By using the inside cushion as your template you can sew one very quickly. (I can provide a cushion cover tutorial with photos for those who are interested? Let me know.)

There are lots of different designs for cushion covers but the best one for me is a cover with a zip on one side. You could do one with tassels, buttons, tie-knot etc. I like the basic zip design, and I couldn't resist some ribbon detail on the side as well.

Here it is. Notice the beautiful pink spotted ribbon on the side.
I love this material from Fabric rehab. Check out their website it is full of beautiful fabric and lovely fat quarter bundles.
I am afraid these cushion covers are for me, I have selfishly decided to keep them for myself and have them sat beautifully in my sewing room and living room- they are too lovely to give away!


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