Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Sunday, 20 February 2011

I Heart Thrifting

I do love thrifting, and I could easily while away a few hours a week, going to local charity shops. Here are a few things I found whilst second hand shopping recently.
I found a great Blog today, which links in your charity finds and so I am joining in here at the 'Flea Market finds',and here at Me and my shadow with Magpie Monday take a look!
We have a house clearance shop in our local town filled with gems and hidden treasures. I found these gorgeous sewing and embroidery threads whilst in the shop tucked away in a little cardboard box filled with buttons and hand sewing sundry.

I found this lovely pink Bias binding still in it's original packaging. I have recently been looking at making my own bias binding for sewing projects, but this was too irresistible to leave in the shop.

I am going through a bit of a knitting pattern buying phase at the moment, and found these great 1960's patterns.
 I have plans to knit all of these patterns, they are so cute. But I just need to find about 60 hours to complete them (should be completed in about 2 years time!)

This Lavenda knitting pattern stood out immediately, due to the funky photo of this sweet couple!

But this was my favourite, this beautiful Japanese/Chinese bowl was a bargain at £2 pounds and I just love it! It now lives on our coffee table in the living room. Love it!
This pretty little rectangular flower bowl was a bargain as well, only £1 pound. I put my favourite sewing thread on it and display with my sewing/craft items.

My thrifty finds, my bargains galore, my treasures, I love them all.
As they say 'One persons rubbish, is another person treasure'
Happy Thrifting!


  1. they're looking like proper film stars, those lavenda's!

  2. I saw your post on BMB :) You've found some really beautiful things! Look forward to seeing some of things you've knitted in the future ;) Would love to give it go again nan used to help me when I was a little girl!

  3. Oh I love finding vintage haberdashery treasures! The knitting patterns are just so fab, I'm sure I had a very similar pink knitted frock when I was a wee one. x

  4. Hi there, that house clearance shop sounds great, I'd love one of those nearby. What a gorgeous blue bowl - I love it.

    I just noticed that the little girls on your knitting pattern seem to be lighting candles with a charming disregard for modern health and safety protocol ;-) Hope their little dresses are flame retardant!

    My blog is all about charity shopping in the UK, come on over

  5. Thanks for dropping by my blog - please do link up to Magpie Monday, this post is perfect!

    I love your blue bowl, such rich colours. I also have a bit of a think for old cotton spools and have picked up quite a few from various places. In fact next week's post was going to be sewing stuff!

    How funny, sounds like we'd get on really well! x

  6. Thank you for all your lovely comments!:
    Woolf- They are a cute couple! You have a lovely blog!
    Becky-Hi there, I do love knitting, I am thinking of joining a knitting group, so I can devote a whole hour to knit! (and chat)
    Sarah - Sweet isn't it!I loved that pink knitted dress and thought it was very vintage. Looks pretty easyish to do.
    Lakota- Yes, the candle is def not modern health and safety in todays world! But the picture is soo adorable! I love your thrifting blog. I have commented on it!
    Missielizzie - Hello!and thank you! Oh what a fab link you have!Magpie monday. How bizarre that you thinking of having the sewing things next week!

  7. Wow love that pink bias binding ! I love old sewing things and I am lucky to be known locally as 'the sewing lady' so lots of goodies get dropped off at my dooor! Great Post lots of lovely things!

  8. great finds that chinese bowl is beautiful ive a bit of obsession with bowls so always on the lookout when out bargain hunting :)

  9. I always look out for knitting patterns for my mum and do often have a little giggle at the retro models with their classic poses xx

  10. I love vintage sewing stuff and patterns, there are loads in my local charity shop and as I am totally useless at making anything I always pass them up, let me know if you want me to pick some up for you : ) xx

  11. hi Becky, I just found you via Sophie's Flea Market Finds. I'm in Melbourne and just love Op shopping.. I usually visit at least half a dozen different shops a week! and Habby and Patterns are my weakness too, along with scarves!

  12. I like your finds as they are so diverse and colourful.
    My charity shop haul is over at

  13. Thankyou very much for your lovely comments.
    Carole - Thank you!
    Ellie - Oh Wow, another sewing lady - Brilliant!
    I loved the pink binding when I saw it! Especially the original packaging.
    MissDaisy's crafts - I love bowls too!, especially pretty pattern type bowls.
    QwertyMum - True! Some of the old knitting pattern photos can make me laugh too.

  14. Karen - Oh Thankyou! I am always on the look out for vintage sewing items.
    Lyndel - Hello! I am so pleased I joined Sophie's flea market finds, I have meet the most loveliest people. Awh scarfs, I am going to have to have a peep at your blog.
    Mumsarcade - Thank you! Wow a charity shop haul, sounds just like my time of thing!


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