Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On...

It has a been busy few weeks for the Hazel and Blue household.
During the last few weeks, I have looked at this sign for much needed inspiration, repeating the words in my head ''Keep Calm and Carry On". I have been doing a full time course through my work and my OH has been working extremely hard with his own work. We have been on top of housework, school work, and all the other things in between. Luckily Number one boy and Number two girl, have not been affected, as I have managed to drop them off at school  every day and pick them up every afternoon. But it has been a hard slog!
But now we are having a well deserved break from work. A whole week off paid work, school, after school clubs, school functions, school run.
 I had the day off work before the children broke up and managed to catch up with a few things and
I reorganised my dining room/sewing room.....

                                          From this.....
                                   To this!
 Then I sat down and enjoyed this! Before I headed off to the end of term school disco at school.....

I have reached 50 followers! This is amazing! I am so lucky to have such lovely followers, thank you to each and every one of you. I have missed blogging terribly over the last few weeks, and I am so pleased to be back!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

PS: Just to let you know, after much pondering and discussions, I have also changed my Twitter name to @hazelandblue to align this, my 3rd baby (blog) and my Twitter account. Makes it so much easier for me, and everyone! If you haven't already,  come over and say Hello!

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  1. Busy, busy, Busy! Well doen on getting re-organised, I love the satisfaction afterwards.

    Have a great Sunday, Mich x


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