Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Monday, 28 February 2011

I Heart Charity Shopping

The Love I have for thrifting is enormous, and I could quite easily write about this every week! So I am joining in here at 'Flea Market finds' and here at MissieLizzie's Magpie Monday for this weeks charity shop finds.  This week I went thrifting with my 4 year old Daughter in our local charity shops.

We have three Charity shops in my local town, and each one has it's own style and unique thrifty finds. In one of the shops, I found this little delicate embroidery transfer booklet hidden amongst the knitting pattern folder.

It cost a grand 5p, but has the most delicate transfers in it all neatly stored in the booklet, ready to be used.

I do love ceramic bowls and when I saw this pretty one with this lovely pink flower motif on the front, it was too tempting to leave behind.

 It did go to immediate use, with my 4 year daughter using it for her hair bands and hair ties.

She also spotted this very cute Wind and the Willows style plate, and for 99p we brought it. It now sits in her little bookcase in her bedroom. She has good taste!

I found this quaint little wooden box. It was only £1.50, and I thought it would be a great button box. I already have a Cath Kidson button box, I could always do with another?

But this was my favourite find this week. I have always wanted one of these metal signs and could not quite believe my luck when the Shop volunteer put this on the shelf, when we were in the shop. It was £2.99, and I love it.
'Savon Vraie Violette' J.Chamberry Paris, I would love to know what it means?

My thrifty finds, my charity shop loves, my second hand treasures.
I love them all!

Happy thrifting! and I wish everyone a lovely week ahead.


  1. Great finds Becky! I love the wooden box, it's beautiful. And the transfers for 5p...bargain.

    Your pretty sign says 'Soap - real/true violet' (at least I think so!)
    Lakota x

  2. What fabulous finds! I never seem to be that lucky. The embroidery transfers look lovely, I'm sure I've seen the three crinoline ladies before. I particularly like your wooden box, who wouldn't want to rummage through buttons stored in it.

  3. Great finds indeed. Young daughters are never too young to introduce to Charity Shop treasures, I'm sure her finds now will encourage her creativity and resourcefullness all her life. I love her new hair tidy bowl.

  4. Beautiful finds! I love the Winds in the Willows plate and the quaint little wooden box. My style of treasures! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love all your finds, you are so lucky to have such a lovely shop, nearby I really miss having such a thing, there was one here in the village but it closed down. I don't know but I think the Dutch arent into these kind of shops

  6. Yes the sign reads Real Violet Soap :0)

    It's lovely, I adore the wooden box too and the transfers - 5p!?? 5p??! Who on earth charges 5p for anything - you can't even get a 'penny' chew for 5p these days! What a steal.

    Thanks for linking up xxx

  7. Lakota/Missislizzie thankyou for the interpretation! I love that it says Violet Soap, as I currently have the sign in our WC! Bx

  8. Hey Becky - thanks for your concern & support following the earthquake : )

  9. Oh what fabulous transfers! The crinoline ladies are so cool. Laura x

  10. Thank you so much for popping over to my blog and following - I'm now enjoying discovering your blog :-)

    Your beautiful little wooden box is such a find!!

    Jem xXx


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