Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

My Dear Country

My thoughts and prayers are with my Dear Country today, upon hearing the tragic news about the devastating earthquake in Christchurch in the early hours of this morning. What a tragic time it has been for New Zealand recently and this latest earthquake is just dreadful.

I feel so helpless being on the other side of the world.

I have spoken to my Dad tonight, about his wife's Family who all live in Christchurch, thankfully they are all fine and not hurt. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for their houses and contents.
My Dad speaks of waiting for the PM John Key to make a decision today about the way forward, and about the country rallying around together to help and support each other.

I lived in Christchurch when I was 16 and 17, when I went to Boarding school for my 6th form school year. I have the most loveliest memories of that time. (Besides meeting my OH and having my children), this was the best year of my life. Biking, playing netball at Hagley park, indoor basketball on Friday nights, drinking cheap wine, sneaking out of the Boarding house to go clubbing! Oh the days!

My thoughts are with all the people in Christchurch, and all their family and friends.

Kia Kaha New Zealand.
My thoughts and prayers are with you,



  1. We stand together us Kiwi women around the world looking back to our stricken home. Standing together we can stay strong and hopefully feed back that strength to those at home. Kia Kaha.

  2. Oh thank you for your comment. I do feel so sad. This has really hit me and I wish I could help in some one. It is lovely to have support from other fellow Kiwi Woman here in the UK.
    So dreadful.


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