Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Friday, 6 May 2011

Flower Cupcake Cases

I am always looking for quirky items, which have a vintage feel, and when I spotted these gorgeous cupcake cases and toppers in a Sunday paper magazine article, I had to get them.

They are from a company based in London, producing the most amazing designs on paper items.
I made these chocolate cupcakes, from my favourite chocolate cake recipe (which need no measurements!).

With butter frosting for the top and using my new steel piping tool (which I love) piped the icing on the top of the cupcakes.

We all ate them after school and in the spirit of high tea, made a cuppa with my Mothers Present teacup from Portmerion.

One day I would love to go to London and have a 'proper' high tea, in one of the fancy hotels. I dream of strawberry macaroons, and salmon sandwiches, with my own 3 tier plate in front of me, filled with delights!

Have a great weekend


  1. Oh Becky, those cupcakes look amazing.

    I've had high tea at a posh hotel in London and it was a tea dance as well! It was excellent fun.

    Have a great weekend. xx

  2. Beautiful cupcake toppers - you know how I love to bake, may just have to invest in some! xx

  3. Ooh those are beautiful, not surprised you succumbed. I've had afternoon tea at the Four Seasons with my husband's eccentric aged aunt, and my eldest boy then aged 2. Auntie A introduced us to the waiter "This is Jesus. He looks after me" (he was Spanish, but she pronounced it 'son of God' way), and the poor bloke ended up picking up my son's juice cup endlessly as he chucked it on the floor - thinking he'd found someone happy to play his game! The cakes and sandwiches were nice, but OBSCENELY expensive - thank goodness we weren't paying!

  4. I had high Tea at Betty's in York recently. I loved the hush and gentle clinking of tea cups, one of the best sounds in the world I think! Enjoying your blog x

  5. Oh the cupcakes are so pretty! My mum and her twin sister had high tea for their birthday and loved it, maybe i'll get to go next time :o) Scarlett x


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