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Lavender hearts

Monday, 2 May 2011

Pretty Ribbon Pouch Sewing Tutorial

These Pretty ribbon pouches are perfect for the beginner sewer and a great craft project to do with a young child who is starting to sew. You only need a few centimetres of fabric and the pattern can easily be adapted to make bigger or smaller pouches. What is also great about this project is that you can machine or hand sew the pouches. I opted to machine sew these, as I had only a short time to make them.

I used all my spare pieces of fabric, including the fabric I received in a recent fabric swap.

We used these pouches for Easter presents for our family and friends, filling them with mini Easter eggs and shredded paper. They could equally be used for party bags, hair bands, rings, little toy figures, sweets etc.

What you will need:
1. Fabric
3. Sewing thread

1. Measure and cut fabric (approximately 10cm by 20cm)
2. Sew a 3cm hem at the top of the long side of the fabric
3. Machine or Hand sew the hem
4. Fold the fabric in half (wrong sides showing) and sew around the edges.
5.Turn the bag right side out. 
6. Measure your ribbon along the top of the pouch and double it. Thread the ribbon with a safety pin through the hem at the top of the pouch. Tie a knot at the end of the ribbon. Or alternately hand sew a button at the end of the ribbon, tying them together.
5. Fill the pouch with goodies.

I hope that makes sense!

When I made these pouches over the Easter period, I had my girl and her two friends helping me. As they say many hands, make light work! We enjoyed giving the pouches away to our friends and family, and I made two extra ones for my two to keep for themselves.



  1. What lovely pouches, and a great idea for Easter goodies. I made something similar from my fabric scraps, only longer and thinner (great for slipping your sunglasses into so they don't get scratched in your bag).

  2. oh these are so cute, will give them a go when i get my sewing machine :o) Scarlett x


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