Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Our thrifty bargain of the Year!

Last week I made it to the car boot sale and my Son and I had a lovely morning browsing the tables and picking up a few bargains. I was also persuaded to buy a hot dog from the hamburger van and we shared a quiet moment on the plastic chairs eating our hot dogs, looking at all the people mulling around.

It was lovely to spend this quality time with my Son, and even though he is 7, he wanted to hold my hand all around the stalls-  and I love this as it is so unlike him (one day he'll probably want to stand 50 metres behind me)

I brought my Son a mahoosive pile of Manchester United old programmes for 50p, the Woman said she just wanted to get rid of them for her Brother who no longer needs them!

             This beautiful ballerina girl for my little girl, so graceful and very swan lake like. £1.50.
            We thought she (ballerina) be a great way to hang all her hairbands on.

I also have been browsing my work intranet For sale section and saw a wooden frame futon for £60 pounds. We have been looking for a sofa bed for our spare room for awhile and snapped this up quickly.

And this last item was our Bargain of the Year! She was free and advertised in my local for Sale section at work. Let me introduce you to Poppy....

We can have her next month, when she has grown up a bit more. (And we are so behind excited!)



  1. Now I'm very jealous! Would love a cat. I rescued a stray from a fox in our garden last year and took it in for the night, but the vet who checked her out said she was very very elderly, and so we didn't keep her - would have been too upsetting for small boys to lose their first pet within the year. (she wasn't put down, an animal sanctuary lady is looking after her). Poppy looks super cute xx

  2. Nice bargains but Poppy is THE best xx

  3. hello there..i'm tea towel swapper. Excited. Can't wait to post off my little gift!
    Like your craftiness...cute stuff.

  4. awwww Poppy is so cute!! My two were terrors when they were kittens - love it though! Scarlett x

  5. Aw, I would dearly love a kitten if I had the space to look after it properly. She is SO adorable! The kids must be thrilled!

  6. Poppy is a real cute little kitten.

  7. Great bargin buys, I particularly like the kitty, I want Poppy!!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  8. Hiya
    I’m just sending out a quick message to let people know their Faith Hope and Charity Swapping partners. Days of spreedsheet fiddling I tell you, if this works it’s going on my CV! I won’t have access to a PC from Tues 31st until June 6th – so any questions will have to wait til I get back I’m afraid. I’m going to put up a quick post on the rules before I go, but for now you can check out your partner’s blog and start figuring out what they might like.
    Your swap partner is Karen at The White Approach
    Thanks for playing along!


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