Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Friday, 21 January 2011

Knitting love - 7 Things you don't know about me.

This week whilst I was drooling over some exquisite Hand dyed NZ wool over at Knitsch, I had the sudden urge to start knitting again.

 As you may know from a previous post, I started knitting early last year and it all ended badly. The kitten would chase the yarn, the children thought the wool would make a great object to play with and I could not read the knitting pattern, I had brought.
So this time, rather than buying all new kit again,  I walked into my local charity shop, found two beautiful lemon yarn balls for 50p (25cents) and 2 sets of knitting needles, and began knitting that night. I think this is going to be a scarf for my little girl.


This week, I have also been lucky enough to be asked to write 7 things you don't know about me from three lovely people, Michelle at Mummy from the heart, SAHMandlovingit, and OhMammy, thank you very much for tagging me!

1. My Daughters Middle name is 'Arwen'  from the novel 'Lord of the Rings'- My OH is a long life fan and this is his favourite book of all time. The Trilogy seems to have followed us throughout our Marriage, we used a reading from the book in our Wedding ceremony, and even went to the Opening Movie in Wellington NZ back in 2001 at the Embassy Theatre. NB (Luckily my Son did not follow suit and did not get the Middle name's Frodo or Bilbo! )

2. I was travelling on the day of September 11th when NYC was attacked. I was actually on the Euro star to Disneyland Paris - and I was so scared they were going to attack us in Disneyland! Lots of armed policemen hanging around when we were there, but all ok in the end.

3. I have a OCD addiction with hand cream. I use hand cream every day, and I cannot leave the house with out some. My current favourite I am using at the moment is the Soap and Glory hand cream - smells divine.

4. I play the piano- not very well, but I have recently started lessons again and have been having piano lessons with a local teacher for about a year now.

5. I love Edward of 'Twilight' I am slightly infatuated with him. I have all the DVDs and books, but I haven't quite stretched to his poster as yet.

6. I appeared on a NZ Children's TV programme when I was little 'What Now' and did the Milo wacky challenge, I remember getting the phone call on Live TV Saturday morning and doing cart wheels around the lounge, because I was sooo excited.

7. I have freckles .... faded now- but in the summer they can come back with vengeance. I slather myself with Sun tan lotion and cover my face with Sunglasses and a Hat. I've learnt to love my freckles, and remind my self that they are a sign of youth. Or as my Grandmother used to say to me 'they are gift's from God'.

As well as starting knitting again, I have dusted off my sewing machine this week, and I plan to start sewing again this weekend. I will post my projects with photos very soon.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!



  1. Love this list... and that hand-dyed wool looks so good!

  2. I love that name - Arwen!! A lovely name, luckily. Not at all like frodo or bilbo.
    And mmmm handcream. I have this orange and patchouli one that makes me want to lick my hands... so good.
    NICE to meet you Becky!!!

  3. Great list and I love the name Arwen - so beautiful.
    My best friend is infatuated with Edward from Twilight. I've never even seen any of the films, nevermind read the books. I'm obviously not down with the kids anymore ;-)

  4. I sat at my Grandma's piano and played for the first time in years a few weeks back. I hated lessons as a kid and never got far but it made me wonder if I would love it more as an adult.
    Enjoyed reading your list - thanks :)

  5. i and my husband are HUGE jrr tolkein fans! in fact, there is a particular sentence that gandalf says to frodo, that so struck a cord, that i try and remind myself of it everyday...and my son's middle name is actually bilbo...

    that was a joke!

    love arwen though, beautiful name. really enjoying following ur blogs..

    tamsyn xxx

  6. Thanks for all your comments!
    Manic Mum- our house is filled with LOTR things, we have books, CDs, DVDs, posters, cups, stamps etc etc. We could start a trend with the name Bilbo! Could be a name for our next pet though! Bx

  7. Hi Becky... thanks for your comments on my blog. All the best for getting into the knitting & sewing. Looking forward to seeing some projects posted here!!


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