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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Music I want my children to listen to...HRH

I am delighted to host this weeks 'Music I want my children to listen too. After the success of last weeks post from the lovely Ghostwritermummy and Alexanderresidence and many many lovely others joining in.

I have decided this week to ask my OH what he would like our children to listen too, and his first choice was the 'Rolling Stones'. I am not too familiar with the Iconic Rolling Stones, so we moved to ....

 this Great British rock band

Queen are the ultimate British rock band, thrashing out songs with fantastic scores, exquisite voices, and beautiful lyrics. I have found the more I listen to Queen, the more respect I have for this great band.

In fact I might go even as far as to say this song below could be in my top 20 songs of all time,

This is such a catchy uplifting fun song - My 4 year old loves it and is twirling and whirling to it as I write this!

                                          "Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time"!

                                                          It comes from this album 'Jazz'.

My OH favourite Queen album is 'The Game' with notable songs such as 'Another one bites the dust' and 'Crazy little thing called love'

Queen have been heavily influenced by new bands such as
Ben folds five
Robbie Williams
The Killers

Very impressive stats!
What I like about Queen is that, their songs are timeless and after all this time can still get me tapping my feet!
The mixture of rock, and the link to different genres such as ragtime, opera (Still enjoy the 'Barcelona' song from the Olypmics), gospel and folk are what make Queen, The music I would like my 'Children to listen to!

Do you have any music/albums you would like your children to listen to? Please come and join us on this muscial journey. Just attach your post to the link below and join in!
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  1. I love Queen as well. I would like them to listen to anything from the 1960s which was a golden era - Beatles, Elvis etc.....but , they don't and they won't - they have their own music!

  2. Wow I love Queen too, must get my CD's out over the next day or say and have another listen.

    Thanks I love this Blog Hop Idea

  3. I love the fact you have something that really makes kids want to dance, that's exactly what I need to dig out more of!
    Love the action shot!

  4. I love that you have music children like to dance to and I love the action shot! I cam imagine this going down a storm with kids!

  5. hehe, my kids love Bohemian Rhapsody. maybe something to do with 'mama, oooooooooo' :) I don't know if you know Fatcat and Fishface from Wellington, NZ; we adore their 'bestest and horriblist songs for children' and 'birdbrain' albums.

  6. Thanks for your comments!

    Ruby in the Dust: My kids love BR as well! No I have never heard of Fatcat and Fatfish- been a fellow Wellingtonian I am def going to check them out now. Great dress by the way!

  7. That's made me all nostalgic! Used to LOVE Queen! especially Save Me and It's a Hard Life. Great post x

  8. I love Queen, and I love 'Don't stop me now'. Such a happy, happy song.


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