Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sewing central. A gift for my son.

It has been sewing central here at the Hazel and Blue household over the last few days. The lovely Saints and Pinners fabric I brought just before Christmas has been sitting and waiting patiently whilst I have been busy with other things.
The beautiful colours finally won over and I had to make something with them.

I wanted to sew something for my Son. It needed to be boy-like and not too girlie, (as he is going through a phase of resisting anything pink.) I decided to make a pencil case, using the brown and blue fabric, madly hoping this would appeal to his taste. Although I suspect if I covered it with Ben 10 and footballs this would be more up his street!

I love sewing Zips on to fabric and I have found a really easy way to do this using the Zipper foot, and clever maneuvering of the zip when sewing on to the fabric. I love the fabric in the lining of this case!


Being a fair Mum, I could not make one for one and not the other, so I made this lovely pouch for my youngest, using this beautiful soft cord material, found at my local haberdashery.

                            I could not resist adding a pink satin ribbon on the cord handle!

I have such joy when making these for the children. I have a tendency to sneakily take them off the children and display them on my wooden console table in the sewing room and look at them lovingly for days!
I suppose its the appreciation of the work and love that goes into making them.
PS By the way they both loved the gifts. The Pencil case even got a smile!

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your lovely comments recently, they can really make my day and I appreciate each and every one of them!


  1. oohhh lovely things! You have been busy!! I really need to get to grips with my zipper foot. I've never tried it and dread doing zips as they are so fiddly. Have to give it a go. x

  2. Loving the saints and pinners fabric! Wonderfull colours, ! the pencil case looks really cute!
    You have inspired me to give zips another try! v=)
    happy sewing, x

  3. Gorgeous, if only I could do this! Mich x

  4. Beautiful! I did smile when I read your words about "Ben 10", as I too have young boys, who might be more grateful for "plastic fantastic", than anything made by me... but, then again, you did get a smile from your son, so maybe I would too...? ;-D

    Lovely inspiration here!

    Kind regards,


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