Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Music I want my children to listen to.....

Music is such a personal thing. I remember when I was 13 and I had some pocket money to spend on a cass 'single'. I walked into our local mall and asked the lady at the music store which cass 'single' should I buy? She said I can't answer that, you need to choose- music is so personal. I remember feeling a bit silly at the time, but now I appreciate what she was saying. One person's ear is different to another's.

Having rolled down memory 'music' lane with the lovely Suzanne at Ghost writer Mummy and the lovely Alexander Residence on Twitter, Suzanne had a great idea, why don't we all do a post based on the Music we want our children to love.. yah hay absolutely!

With so many choices to choose from- I have decided to start with the poetic sound of John Martyn.


His music is beautiful, he sings with soul, and his songs have real meaning. As quoted in John Martyn's website 'In a world that lacks compassion, John Martyn and his music, is a breath of fresh air. John is an incurable romantic who sings from his heart; no other artist sings with such commitment and emotion'


John Martyn reminds me of the time when I first came to England in 1997- I was introduced to him, by my mother and found his songs, very soothing and poetic. I devoured his albums and even went as far as borrowing a Music Video tape of one of his concerts. One song remains with me to this day.. having played it for years and in particular when both my two children where born "May you never".
This is a beautiful song and always makes me teary, when I listen to it,

May you never lay your head down
Without a hand to hold
May you never make your bed out in the cold

This post has conjured up lost songs and memories I had forgotten. That is what I love about music, it can hold memories,times and places. It can take you to that exact moment....the time you meet your OH, the time your baby was born, the first album you ever bought. I hope my children find the time to listen to this music, but I will never force them, music is a journey.

Take a look at Suzanne and Alexander Residence music posts (as above) to see our eclectic tastes. 'Our not so known music tastes'! Why not join in?



  1. I don't know John Martyn but those lyrics sound lovely. I will be checking him out! Great post!

  2. Wow what a lovely post! You've got me thinking now, what music would I like my children to listen to, I'll have to give that one some serious thought.

    Must admit I have never heard of the artist you talk of, but will make sure I listen to some of his music soon.


  3. Excellent, another new musical discovery for me. Sounds gorgeous.
    And I really agree with what you said about memory. I need to dust of the pile of CDs in boxes upstairs and finish getting them on my ipod. With some new additions of course.

  4. I've not heard of him, I'm enjoying reading these posts and getting an education! Music makes me really emotional, it really works on the memory too - as you have said. Alas, that sometimes means that terrible tunes remind me of happy times!

  5. See what you've started!

    Thanks for the inspiration. xx

  6. What a lovely post, and lovely idea! Likewise, I'm unfamiliar with John Martyn, but am off to have a listen....

    Just found your lovely blog via the Alexander Residence.

  7. Becky I do agree John Martyn is an exceptional musician, a shame he he no longer around. One of his other masterpieces is One Love released in 1977. If you like John Martyn then one of his best friends Nick Drake is worth a listen to, I recommend Bryter Layter.

  8. John Martyn, what a fabulous choice! His songs are quite beautiful and May You Never will always remind me of one of my closest friends, who introduced his music to me! What with John Martyn and Joni Mitchell your kids are going to have excellent musical taste!


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