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Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy post - 3 Reasons to be cheerful!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart

This is a happy post, sometimes it is good to remind ourselves, how lucky we are. Especially during January, when all the excitement of Christmas has finished and here in the UK, we still have a few months of the Winter season to come. It is can be cold, dreary and miserable!
The lovely Michelle at 'Mummy from the heart' has come up with a great idea, and has asked people to write three reasons to be cheerful. This is good timing, so with happiness in my heart, here our my three reason to be cheerful:

1. My Children and Husband are healthy and Happy!
This is truly never to be taken for granted, I treasure the above every day and I never take it for granted.I know of many people, who have suffered, or lost someone, or who are going through there own personal pain, that I am very grateful for the health and happiness of my dear,cherished family.

2. We have Good neighbours
No truly, this make me me very cheerful. I am not sure why, but ever since I have known my Husband, we have had the most awful neighbours. The first neighbours we ever had, used to bicker and slam doors, the second neighbours we had, used to play loud music every night till 1am in the morning (even though they had children) the third lot of neighbours we had, unfortunately liked far to many pints and used to keep us up when he wandered back from the pub in the evening most nights.Our current neighbour's, are just great! they are lovely people and similar to us-happy and living a family life. I am so grateful of this every day.

3. Puddings
This makes me cheerful. I love puddings and I could eat them every day of the week, if I could! Chocolate pudding, meringues and cream, bread and butter pudding, vanilla ice cream, chocolate cheesecake...the list could go on. Tonight we are having fresh fruit and ice cream yum yum! (yogurt for me, January diet!)Bless the person, who discovered puddings.

So, just a quick list of my three reasons to be cheerful. Sometimes it is good to remind ourselves of all the things we have! This is one of my favourite quotes and sums it up nicely

                                           'Life is not about things, it is about Us'

Love this quote. Have a lovely weekend!

Becky xx


  1. Great post!

    Having just been a family full of flu I truly understand your first point. It is so easy to take something like good health for granted.

  2. OOh puddings!!! Even the word is wonderful and I am such a fan :) Also totally agree about good neighbours, there are times when you find they can literally save your sanity x

  3. hello! Thanks for following my blog. Glad I've found yours too! It looks fab. The sewing print you mentioned was from folksy. This is the link

    Also have a look at this print too. Its gorgeous!
    Louise x

  4. A fantastic quote Becky. Thanks so much for playing the game and joining up! Hope to see you next week too.

    Mich x

  5. Being happy and healthy is definitely a reason to be cheerful, especially when so many bugs and viruses are going round! I hope you all stay that way.

    Have a great weekend.
    CJ xx

  6. Yes puddings..even the word is delicious! If you are interested in joining in with our Battle of the Blogger Butts, we would love to have you...the link and info are on my blog xx

  7. I love that quote! And great post. I too am rather partial to the odd pudding, but sometimes only a really ripe cheese and crackers will do.
    Thanks for dropping by BFT earlier btw :)

  8. Your neighbours are very lucky too :)Lovely blog post Becky and got me thinking about starting blogging too Cx

  9. I love puddings too! and love your reasons for being cheeful. Have followed you and am looking for followers too.


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