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Lavender hearts

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Short list of things to do instantly in 2011

After the excitement over the last few weeks, and the children safely settled back into school. The time has come to plan some projects for this year. I have so many thoughts, and a lot of inspiration from other lovely people in the blog world, that it is very difficult to decide what to do! Craft is never far from my mind and I would like to learn a new one, but which one? I did have a phase of doing knitting for awhile, I even brought some brand new needles and pink wool.. but I'm afraid the phase only lasted a few weeks, hence I have figured out I am definitely a instant person. Instant in that if I cannot see a result, or finished item, my attention span is diminished and I tend to give up! I started knitting a scarf and ended up with a 10cm row of fluff (which our lovely family cat then destroyed). I suppose hat is why I love sewing, you can have instant results in a relatively short time. I think I need to mull this over.

So while I am contemplating the bigger projects, I have put together a relatively short list of my 2011 instant things to do:

1. Follow Louis Spence on twitter (I love him!)

2. Start running again (instant get fit activity) or walk fast which ever is easier

3. Say Hello to people at the school run, who I don't normally say hello too. (some mornings this can be a real effort)

4. Do not wear my track bottoms on the school run unless I am exercising - which to be honest is not often.

5. Keep reading more books. (Am reading The girl with the dragon tattoo - amazing)

6. Hoover/Vacuum upstairs, out of sight, out of mind.

7. Water house plant ( I only have 1 left as I have managed to kill all the others)

8. Stop spending hours looking for grey hairs on my head and becoming obsessed that It's all downhill.

9. Get a manicure and pedicure, there comes a point when you have to look after Nm1.

10. 1 to 1 with the children... trips to the shops and hot chocolate in a cafe with little Nm2 and bike riding and football/soccer with Mister Nm 1.

Actually I am getting quite excited about my last goal, I will have to arrange that asap, maybe this weekend.
Thank you for all your lovely comments recently, I am also so pleased to have some new followers here at Hazel and Blue, I am very lucky!

What are your 2011 plans? Any wishes or things to do? I would love to know!

Becky xx


  1. Hiya, Lovely Blog...Found you via British mummy bloggers x

  2. Those are good resolutions - i will join you on the exercise and reading ones:) also i need to get myself on twitter full stop. may make that a january resolution actually, otherwise it will be christmas again before I know it! jenny x

  3. Ok thanks, will def look you up when I join twitter:) the keep calm sign you can get from 'past times' and i happen to know it's only £12 - bargain! xx

  4. Your blog is fab - following now. I have a craft mummy friend too - I'll have to put you in touch with her.

    6 and 7 made me howl out loud. It's a rare thing for me to vacuum upstairs and I don't have houseplants anymore. I tried a herb garden in a pot outside last year and that's now dead too.

    Heather x

  5. You are very talented, I love your stuff. Like the list a lot, a few resonated with me - hoover and plants!!

  6. ha ha, saying hello to people on school's all i can do to say hello to my own husband in the morning!! i like the intentions though...i will take some tips from you, and see how i excel in life! brilliant, very interesting blogs, am off to go read some more now! tamsyn x

  7. great blog, I am new to the blogging world and my only real new to do in 2011 is stick to my blog and get involved more with other bloggers :D
    I love your list though and could add alot of them to my todo lists too :)


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