Lavender hearts

Lavender hearts

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Knit Sew Love

There has been a noticeable lack of craft recently in the Hazel and Blue household, and to be honest I have been feeling a bit lost with out it,  so this week I have been making up for lost time!
I have been inspired recently to start knitting again, having brought some yarn recently from the charity shop. But after sitting down and knitting a few rows, I then decided that I need a pattern to follow. So I went browsing at the Charity shops again last weekend. I was delighted to find some very old knitting patterns and embroidery sketches to work from:

I found this fantastic little Swiss 1965 Knitting pattern magazine/book, full of beautiful designs and knits

I love this knitting pattern and the photo of the girl holding her Teddy is adorable.

I also found these retro 1960's knitting patterns and the most fantastic 1960's embroidery pamphlet with tiny transfers inside.
The Man in the shop said they had been in the shop for years hidden away in a Grey A4 ring binder.

With all these to inspire me I decided to do some craft with my little girl, she has been asking me for weeks to join in. She decided she would like to make a flower. We used this flowery fabric some wadding and lavender inside and a pretty pink ribbon to hang it with.

She was so good at hand sewing and she was very pleased to tell me, that 'Mummy, see I can do it'! (I previously been worried she would pierce her little fingers with the needle- doh!)
So with after doing the above with my girl, it inspired me to finally dust of my sewing machine and start sewing again. I decided to make little Lavender bags filled with dried Lavender, essential oil and wadding.

I do feel much better now and I have already had a start at making some hair accessories using wool and ribbon.

I love this saying:  Knit, Sew,Love. I am embracing my creative side this week and I am really enjoying it!



  1. Lovely things you and your daughter have made! I haven't done anything crafty all week. x

  2. good for you! The lavender bags are very sweet!
    Crafting- in any sort and shape is just so good for you.
    When ever i'm stressed i lock myself up and sew something.

  3. When I don't make anything for a few days I have major withdrawls! Love your makings!!


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